I know I was supposed to blog every week but clearly, that didn’t happen these past few weeks. I couldn’t blog because I was literally swamped. You know how in high school the first couple of weeks are kind of chill...well not in college. In the first week itself, I had so much work to do. It was crazy! Not to mention, I have classes back to back from 8 am to 7 pm on Mondays. I don’t know how on Earth that happened! Apart from that, I honestly love college. I already made so many memories at College Station. Some are good and some are frankly embarrassing. I will share one and only one embarrassing memory that happened on the first day of college. After I finished my biochemistry class, I had to go to the Blocker Building for Calculus. But...here is the catch: Blocker is literally across campus and I only had twenty minutes to get there. Due to the distance, I decided to take an ofo but it had been years since I rode a bike. I first went the wrong way and had absolutely no idea where I was. After ten minutes of trying to get my crap together, I finally figured out the way to get there. Again, it had been a while since I rode a bike and I am pretty sure everyone thought that I was drunk. After struggling to get across the street, I almost ran over a girl. At that point, I had five minutes left and I wasn’t even on the main campus. I was almost about to give up and then a good friend of mine tried to encourage me to keep going. However, I swear to god, I am pretty sure he was dying of laughter from seeing my mental state. It’s fine...it really is. Anyway, I did make it and I was seventeen minutes late. The whole experience did suck but to be honest, it is hilarious now that I think about it. Plus, this isn’t the most embarrassing thing that I did. If those other stories got out, y’all will be laughing at me for the rest of your life. I now want to share something more close to my heart and that is friendship. Going into college, one of my biggest fears was making friends. I am not the most social person out there. Back home, I have Marall, Prani, and Alex who are practically my family. I honestly did not know if I could ever find that family in college but I did. Carolina, Allison, and Lane are the designated individuals that have to put up with my weirdness. Each one of them is so sweet and hilarious in their own way. They are definitely not perfect but c’mon perfection is overrated. Carolina is kind and the most normal of all of us. Allison is just straight up the definition of sweet. She made me a cute aggie cup and bought me the queso from Torchy’s. Isn’t she amazing? Lane is also really sweet and drives us around everywhere. He had to put up with me for five hours in a car when we were going back home. He also loves to mess with me. The majority of my embarrassing moments in college happened because of him so thanks dude. All in all, I am pretty sure I found my family not just for college but for life. I can now tell you guys that college is going to be an epic and hilarious adventure.