During my freshmen and sophomore years, I always knew that I wanted to be an astronomer but I always had one question lingering inside of me and that is "how am I going to get there?" That question seems to have been answered with ISM. I have learned more about life and myself in the past couple of weeks by picking my quote, formulating my mission statement,building my resume,and creating my website.I also learned how important one's attire is. Just yesterday, my mom and I went to go buy my ISM dress. I usually just spend 30 minutes to select a dress but that wasn't the case yesterday. I'm pretty sure I spent 2 hours looking for the dress that matched my personality and my field of study. To put it in simple words, I learned that you are what you wear. Apart from all this dress shopping, I spent a considerable time researching my career. As I was looking through the educational/training requirements, I knew that I picked a very difficult field. However, I am very excited because it is as if the universe is waiting just for me to unfold its mysteries. In the past, people kept on telling me to be practical about what I wanted to do in life. They told me becoming an astronomer is more of a dream than actuality but now that I am here in ISM, I know for a fact that I can make my dream come true.I am ready to start this new journey.