It is time! For the last couple of weeks, I have worked exceptionally hard for this event. I finished my board, portfolio, original work, and my meteorite. Research Showcase is extremely important for me as it will allow people to get a better insight into astrobiology and also my character. In my journey through ISM so far, I have uncovered some amazing aspects within my field and I believe everyone deserves to know about this amazing research. I am especially excited to meet young kids at showcase tomorrow. It would mean so much to me if I inspire a young child to pursue a career in STEM. Additionally, I got to meet with my mentor last week over a video conference. We discussed about my original work, research showcase, and her latest work. It was a great experience. She gave me valuable tips about writing a scientific paper. I found her suggestions to be extremely useful because she is an amazing lead author for NASA. Additionally, she gave me advice for showcase by telling me her own experiences when she spoke at the Lunar Planetary Science Conference. Dr. Keprta also told me about her recent publication on the Nakhla Meteorite. We both looked at the data on the chemical composition of the meteorite and found something phenomenal. For the first time, we found the presence of detectable nitrogen in an extraterrestrial object. This is an important discovery because nitrogen is key to life. Think about the composition of DNA. You need nitrogen to make up this genetic molecule. This is just a glimpse of what I will be presenting at showcase and I hope everyone can come. Tomorrow's event is going to be a milestone in my career. I know my future is bright in this field.