I have been thinking a lot lately about being an astronaut. The past few weeks, I have been watching shuttle launches and interviews of an astronaut. Every night when I go to bed, I dream about the stars. I dream about me sitting in the Orion Spacecraft traveling to Mars. It is amazing. Becoming an astronaut is something that is extremely difficult to do. If you are selecting as a candidate, you are put under difficult training for two full years. If you happen to survive those two years, you could possibly go to space. Even after you get selected to be an astronaut, you now have to face the dangers of space. As a result, you may never see your family again. Despite all these drawbacks, I feel that it is my duty to at least try to go to space. Yes, I might die but I have realized that space exploration is more than one individual. It is something big. If I go as an astrobiologist, I will get the chance to obtain a sample from Mars that has little to no contamination. As a result, we can discover something that is revolutionary. There are people out there who laugh every time I say I want to go to space because it is a job that is extremely rare to get. However, I am a firm believer that if you work hard and believe in yourself then you will achieve anything in the world. After all, that is what the current astronauts did. I am going to try. If I don't make it, no harm was done. It is part of life. For now, I am focusing on my final product that may lead to a cool discovery. I already set up a calendar and formulated my product proposal. After I get my schedule for the one week where I will be in Houston, I will be set. I am excited about this project and also the future.