Last week was a big week in that I had to give my fifteen minute speech for ISM over my original work and my experiences. I spent my entire weekend preparing for it. This speech was so important for me because it gave me a chance to showcase the research I did on Mars to my class. After hours of preparation, I finally got the chance to give my speech on Monday. Everything was going well until my binder (portfolio) decided to fall onto the floor. However, instead of panicking and stopping, I continued my presentation without any issues. Things like this happens all the time and I am glad I didn't stop. I went on to talk about my conversation with the amazing Astronaut Rex Walheim. I still can't believe I got to talk to him! He is so cool! Anyways, I had a great time giving my presentation despite the small mishap. The rest of the week in ISM consisted of watching my peer's presentations and they were absolutely fabulous. Additionally, I got to speak with space suit engineer, Ben Peters from NASA through the High School Aerospace Scholars Program. Turns out Mr. Peters was a HAS student himself when he was a junior in high school. He told us how this program allowed him to understand his field better and how it gave him a strong connection with NASA. On top of this, he gave insight into the various spacesuit designs NASA was developing for the Orion missions. It was super cool! It is also nice that this week is National Engineers Week. It is an important week for us to honor to honor all those individuals who have helped us progress as a society. On that note, I would like to thank all those individuals.