This week marks the end of the High School Aerospace Scholars Online Competition. I can't believe that I have spent four whole months working on difficult tasks given by NASA. They tested us on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. For each month, we had to complete a specific task that corresponded to the process of humans getting to Mars. I remember that our first task was to write a research paper on a spacecraft that we wanted to utilize to understand a question about the universe. We then had to design a satellite with a specific purpose on a 3D modeling software. This particular assignment tested my engineering skills. In addition to that, I wrote research papers on NASA technologies that are integrated in our day to day life, created on discussion boards on the astronaut selection process, mars curiosity rover,etc., coded instructions into a software, and also performed multiple mathematical calculations for space exploration. It was definitely an incredible journey and I learned so much from the experience. The next few days, NASA will start selecting individuals for the onsite HAS experience in Houston, TX. I really hope that I get selected! Apart from HAS, the time I will be in Houston with my mentor is fast approaching. I am so excited for the experience. I can't wait to meet my mentor and her amazing colleagues at the Johnson Space Center. I am truly enjoying this adventure.