The time is approaching for me to go to the Johnson Space Center next week. I am so excited to do research on the Nakhla Martian Meteorite. I really hope we find something interesting from the sample. I have been preparing myself for the trip and I honestly wish March 19 could be today. I have to say, I never in a million years thought that I would get to work in one of NASA's lab at the age of sixteen. It is truly incredible. However, I have to go to JSC during a school week so I will be missing a lot of school work. That is why I spent my spring break getting ahead in all my classes. Apart from this, I am also preparing myself for the LPSC conference. My mentor was so kind to take me along with her and the exciting thing is that I will be meeting with Dr. Everett Gibson. He is a very successful and prominent planetary scientist at NASA. In addition to that, my mentor repeatedly mentioned that he is the coolest guy ever so I am very excited to meet him. My mentor has also promised me a surprise of an exclusive tour of the Johnson Space Center. This tour isn't the tour everyone has access to so I am really excited. The opportunity I am getting is beyond amazing and I hope the research goes really well.