Final Presentation Night is just over a month away and we have already started to prepare for the big event. Last week, I designed my final presentation night invitation and program. As I was working on the invite and program, I realized how influential marketing is in all fields of study. For example, in order to get people to come to see my presentation, I have to make my invitation visually appealing. It has to match my career. If someone looks at my invitation, they should understand exactly what my field is. Marketing is a really important skill to have, regardless of what career you are. Ultimately, we are all trying to sell ourselves to the world. With all this in mind, Mr. Wysong took the time to critic our invitations and programs. He gave me some really good suggestions on how to make it better. Apart from this, I recently applied to the SEES Internship Program at UT Austin. If I get selected, then I will get to go to Austin to work with scientists to do research on Mars, lunar samples, or astronomy. I think this will be great because it will really give a glimpse of how research is in a university setting. After getting into HAS, I realized that I shouldn't waste opportunity that I get to be successful in astrobiology. I don't now if I will get the internship but it is definitely worth a try. On Thursday, I will be talking to my mentor about the data we collected on Nakhla. I am happy that I get to speak with her again.

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