I can't believe that final presentation night this Friday. Preparation for the event has been at the highest. Last Friday, all the ISM students at Liberty did a stage rehearsal for FPN night. We each practiced our twenty five to thirty seconds speech. The speech consists of what we studied this year, who our mentor was, what our mentor did for a living, and our favorite experience from the mentor ship. It was really hard for me to fit everything in a few seconds because I had so much to say. I know I have said so many times before but I will say it again. I have the best mentor ever. With that said, I sent my mentor my mock FPN Speech and she emailed me back with some great tips. She also gave me news of something that is very exciting. In April, Dr. Everett Gibson gave a talk at the NAI (NASA Astrobiology Institute) about the work my mentor and I did in March. At the conference, there was a professor that was really interested in the research that he asked for some samples from my mentor. Dr. Keprta is planning to take a FIB section of the region that I found ( the five layers that is shown in the picture above). It seems that boron may be an important element that stabilized RNA and they believe that boron may be present in these layers that I found. It is really amazing how they are continuing with our work. I am so excited for the future.