There will always be a moment in our lives when all hope seems to be lost.With that said, I was looking for articles to do my second research assessment on. I found all these articles on gravitational waves and black holes but then I came across an article that really got me. It was an article on Challenger and Columbia:two space shuttles that had a disastrous end. As I was reading through the article I was so heartbroken but I also was really inspired. Despite all these adversities NASA faced, the space program kept going and now the world looks up to the United States of America as the leaders for space exploration. The fact that NASA kept going with such losses is just amazing. It also gives the message that the deaths of these astronauts did not go in vain. With what NASA did, I realized that if we get a negative result, it does not mean we failed. It is just the beginning.With the start to my new journey,I have already made my phone skeleton, wrote my interview questions, and practiced making phone calls. If the future gives me adversities, I will make it into my best success stories.