The past few days have been definitely busy. On Thursday, I spoke with my mentor. We went over all the data from the lab work we did when I was at NASA. To be more specific, we talked about the history of Nakhla, the methods we used for our research, the results, and what the results meant. It was really helpful that we went over everything because I am planning to write a research paper on the results we found. Apart from this, I was amazed at how my mentor explained everything to me. She taught me what each aspect of the sample was showing me. Dr. Keprta is not only a great mentor/ scientist but also an amazing teacher and I am so happy I am following in her footsteps. Additionally, I submitted my introductory video for the SEES Internship Program. I really hope I get selected because it will expose me to a different set of challenges and also give me a feel for how it will be working in a university environment. This week, we have to submit three research papers for ISM. I have a lot to write about from my experience at NASA. I will also be going to Cleveland on Thursday and this time it is not for science. I am actually going there to sing at an Indian Classical Concert. I am so excited.