I spent all last week researching and researching and researching. You might think that I was bored and frustrated while doing that but I had a great time doing it. You see, I am a big old nerd. I love science to a point where that is all I talk about. Well, not all the time. If I am not talking about science, I'm probably talking about superheroes, sci fi movies, or the horrors of college applications. I am the type of person that would get along well with Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard (Big Bang Theory Reference). Anyways, I just want to make it clear that I LOVE TO RESEARCH! Last week, I read an awesome article about boron in Martian clays. This paper was especially really interesting because my mentor and I are doing research that overlaps with this one. This is what I love about research. When you find something really cool, it is going to help someone else with their experiment. It becomes this chain reaction and ultimately ends with a really cool discovery. I am just waiting to talk to my mentor about things I have learned in what studied so far. In addition to the boron study, I also read an article about making rovers completely automated for future Mars missions. This is very important because rovers can't continue to fully depend on man power because it makes scientific experimentation really inefficient. Throughout the article, there were many programming terms that I didn't but that's ok. That is how we learn. I am actually hoping to talk to one of the scientists who wrote this paper to get information. I can't wait to expand my knowledge and discovery the hidden gems of Mars.

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