This summer I went to the Design, Connect, Create Camp at UTD to give a talk on the importance of women being in STEM. I spoke about how I got interested in astrobiology and the work I did at NASA. I was hoping that I could motivate and inspire those young girls. At the end of the talk, this one girl came up to me and asked me how she can be successful. She told me about her dreams but she sounded so scared because she didn't know if she could do it. That is when I realized young women are still suppressed when it comes to having a job in STEM. I spent days looking at statistics of females in STEM and it was awful. More than half of the women in our country are in the workforce and less than 30 percent of them are in STEM. The cause of this low number is not because women simply don't want to be in STEM, it is because they aren't greatly educated about STEM careers. Women who drop out of STEM do it because the industry is too male-dominated and because of isolation. This is really tragic. It is extremely important for females to enter the STEM fields because they bring a unique perspective to the table. There is always going to be discouragement coming from all sides. However, they can't stop you. I formed a club called Girls Lead The Way so I could educate, inspire, and empower young girls to pursue their dream and keep fighting the odds. I dream of a future where all girls get to do what they want to help our world become a better place. DREAM BIG!