I read a very interesting article last week, written by Dr. Christopher McKay. The paper talked about the origin of life on Mars. Many people have questioned if there may have been organisms when Mars was habitable. However, as I talked to more and more astrobiologists, many of them have stated that it is just a matter of time before we find prehistoric life on Mars. I find this fascinating. One thing that really intrigued me in Dr. McKay's paper is that life on Mars may be similar to life on Earth. He supported this claim by discussing how Earth and Mars are next to each other. That means that during the planetary formation process, these two planets exchanged material. As a result, Mars and Earth would have similar building blocks to life. After reading this, I obtained a new perspective of how life evolved on Earth and the possibility of life on Mars. I never thought that Mars may have had the similar material composition to Earth's. I believe that the biggest difference between Earth and Mars is how the material is structured. This is probably what the point where the two planets diverge. After reading this article, I have to search for more research papers to read to gain new perspectives.