One of the main reasons why I love science is because you keep learning. No scientist knows it all! In fact, we scientists, know only a fraction of what is out there and that fascinates me. It is a field where the excitement never stops. It doesn't matter if you have been a scientist for twenty years or five years. You are still learning! A few days ago, I got a very exciting phone call from my mentor. Before I get into what she told me. Do you guys remember the five layers my mentor and I found in the Nakhla Meteorite? Well, we initially thought that each layer was just alterations of clay minerals but it turns out that isn't the case at all. Instead, the middle layers seem to be made out of some organic material. When I heard my mentor say this, I was spellbound. Even my mentor acknowledged that she never thought this was the case in those five layers. This shocking revelation that we both unmasked is what I love about Mars. Right when you think you understood something about the red planet, Mars throws a curveball. It is full of mystery. We, scientists, still no very little about that planet and will throw us into shock every time we discover something about that planet.