What is science? Think about that for a second. Wait, actually, think about the art and beauty of science. No scientist can say that they have discovered everything in their field of study. We still don’t know everything about physics despite the fact that individuals have been studying it for thousands of years. You see, science is the never ending frontier. One discovery leads to another and eventually becomes this beautiful never ending cycle. Also, throughout your journey in science, you come across surprises, problems, and triumph. This makes this field so exciting! As many of you know, I have just embarked on this new journey of science and I am finding it adventurous. The past month has consisted of me researching for my original work. During our annual Christmas break, I spent every day working on my research. Most of my friends and family kept on telling me how sorry they felt for me because I had to work during my break. But, I didn’t understand why they felt that I was unhappy. Like I mentioned before, like a hundred times, I LOVE SCIENCE! If you woke me up in the middle of the night and asked me to work on science, I would happily get out of bed. In fact, when I had the infamous flu over the break, I spent time working on my original work in order to keep me distracted from the horrible symptoms of the virus. With that said, I am super excited for research showcase next week and can’t wait to share my original work.