How did it all get started? How did my passion for space exploration begin? This is something I have been wondering lately as I am about to embark on my college life this coming fall. I remember as a little kid, I was always interested in science. At that time, most kids my age would be watching cartoon channels and Disney shows. Don’t get me wrong, those shows were epic but I was a bit different. I would come home every day and watch various documentaries about space. In fact, one of the first Hollywood movies I watched was Apollo 13 and for the longest time I thought Tom Hanks was a NASA astronaut. It was not until my dad took me to the Johnson Space Center did I realize the commander of Apollo 13 was not Tom Hanks. I am going to be honest, it did break my heart a little. But, Tom Hanks, wherever you are I just want to tell you are a great actor because I worshiped you thinking you were an astronaut. So, as you can see, space exploration was an integral part of my life. Ever since then, my passion for space exploration grew and I cannot believe that I got to have the best experiences at NASA.