We were recently given a three day weekend to celebrate the Easter Holiday. Well, this three day weekend wasn't mostly spent in front of a TV. Instead, I was staring at the computer and reading endless amounts of articles over extremophiles. As I came to a close with all my ISM work, I decided I would give my mind a little break. Turns out I did not really do that. I remembered watching trailers and clips of this sci-fi thriller called Annihilation. From what I could tell from the trailer, the plot seemed intriguing so I gave it a shot. As I watched the film, I was amazed by how the author of this story gave an incredible take on both the spiritual and scientific side of life. As an astrobiologist, we are constantly looking for life outside of our planet and we are also trying to understand the weird aspects about it. I definitely felt like this movie did justice to that. You see... Annihilation is one of those films that make you think in ways you thought were impossible. I thought I had figured out the movie until the last scene. That last scene left me with more questions than answers. But hey... isn't that life?