For some odd reason, I tend to hear people say that certain things are impossible to do but I think otherwise. I personally think that we as humans can do anything if we put our mind and heart into it. For example, during the 1960s, no one even imagined we would be able to send humans to an extraterrestrial terrain but we did. Why, you may ask? Well, every person who was working on the Apollo missions was so passionate and determined to put a man on the moon and make a breakthrough in space exploration. Passion and determination is all you need to be successful because with these you will automatically work hard and overcome any obstacle. With this said, at one point I thought it was impossible to talk to a prominent scientist at NASA but I was clearly wrong. The passion and determination I had gave me the opportunity to sit down and talk to two very big astrobiologists at NASA. As you guys may have known, last week I had an interview with a scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I was so nervous at first but I had nothing to worry about because she was so nice and even funny. We talked about some of the most amazing space missions, like the Cassini Space Craft . She also told me all the amazing places she has traveled to and also the coolest work she has ever done. When she told me about her experiences, it reminded me why I love astronomy so much. Later, she told me exactly what she looks for in a person when she employs them. I was so happy to hear what she had to say because it showed what all I had to do in order to work at a place like NASA's JPL. She also discussed all the hardships she had to go through when she was in college and how she overcame it. Hearing this, I was so inspired. In just 35 minutes, I learned so much about astronomy and even myself. Later that week, when I was writing my topic proposal, I remembered what all we had discussed and wrote from my heart. It is going to be extremely hard to become an astronomer but it is not impossible. It will only be impossible if I give up and I am not planning on doing that.