What is the Nous Project?

Listen to reason the Nous project also titled "The Noone Project" is a natural organization of natural philosophers and scientist whose prime objective goal is mental, spiritual, and physical liberation of "All Humanity" as a whole. We do not have one leader, chief, or head besides sound right reasoning. Nous comes from the sacred word "Nun" in ancient Egipt for a laboratory project for replenishing the earth with the genes of The Egiptian Deity Amun and Amunet. Nun is the force of the chaotic waters also called the "Etherical Waters". It is interesting to note that the symbol of the Zodiac sign for Aquarius is a water bearer symbol. The Age of Aquarius is symbolically the age of Nun.

Similar to the Marrakesh process, the Phoenix Project by the African Federation Kingdom, the Venus Project, UBUNTU, and CREST 13, the Nous Project will specialize in affordable and sustainable living. Creating eco-center villages, cities, and communities. The Noone Project will also provide advancements toward and in technology, transportation, financial, economic, and education. The Noone Project will be at the forefront of our new industrial revolution in our economy.

Here are some of the things Nous Project consists of:

1. City of Nu University - Education

2. Holy See Global District - Shelter

3. World Open Market Exchange - Finance

4. Global Blockchain Initiative - Technology

5. Nibiru Reserve System - Economics

6. All Eyes on Ethiopia - Environmental

7. World Government - Law

8. Noocratian World Convention - Politics

9. New Economic Order - Fraternal

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