World Temple Letter Bulletin No. 1

- Letter of Redemption -

N.E.Y 58 May 2018

By Negus Shemsizedek H.I.M Dr. Lawiy Zodok El

To: The Global Village

Begin all things first by using divine love.

Listen to Reason! Known all men and women by these present.

Despite the unrelenting efforts of the hell born agents of Satan to keep you blind to who you really are, a seed has sprouted in the west, as I Negus Shemsizedek, through As Sayyid Al Imam Isa Al Hadi Al Mahdi, am that seed. I am the liberator that has been sent to this confused day & time known as the revealing. I have come to release your souls and to liberate you from your spiritual and mental bondage. You have been deprived of your birthright for to long now! As the Liberator, I hereby reclaim and redeem you from the slave master(s) and give you back your rightful heritage from Sudan and of the globe! The gifts of that Almighty Nature has provided me with, have allowed me to endure the persecution, slander, and libel against me. For you are redeemed without equity! Therefore I, His Elect Negus Shemsizedek put forth this call to you all once lost but now found seed of our great and royal father Abraham on up to our heavenly father of heaven "Anu" peace and blessing of Almighty Nature be upon him always! I invite you all to join me in establishing your self determination as members of the global family and the global village. Although we have had many profound and great teachers, none has stood before the public to be questioned, for more then 15 plus years, day in and day out, As Sayyid Al Imam Isa Al Hadi Al Mahdi also known as H.E. Dr. Malachi Zodok El, who has successfully and honorably answered all questions given him. H.E. Dr. Malachi Zodok El is not a religious teacher but a prelate for all noologist. Now therefore, the first professed Noologist H.E. Negus Shemsizedek is the new guide, friend, doctor, big brother, and teacher. I'am not merely a child of the Most High, but I'am one of his Eldest, that protects the Garden of our global village whom they call by name Arch Angel "Uriel". I am your Khalifat as elected, there is none more qualified to make straight your way to the Creator.