Consulting and Construction Mediation

Noblart Concept relies on a frequent contact with the client, to help defining his needs, choosing our best and most accredited cooperators for your project, from a small remodeling to the building of your “dream construction” from the beginning. The construction process may be a “headache”, but we can help turning it into a simpler and safer process, guaranteeing the know-how in all stages of the construction and providing you with the best technical solutions at competitive prices.

Whenever you need, we also have consulting services, counting with the help of external consultants in a wide range of construction areas, assuring our clients with a high quality project. We have the following consulting services:

⦁ Technical Opinions; Revision,

⦁ Optimization and Certification of Projects from other entities;

⦁ Advisory and Client Counselling;

⦁ Client representation in the relationship with other entities;

⦁ Mediation and Costs Estimate;

⦁ Evaluation and Technical Expertise;

⦁ Energy Certification.

Evaluation and Real Estate Promotion

Noblart Concept aims to make a difference and valorize each building, objectively, actively and efficiently, taking into account the variants of the real estate market, satisfying our clients’ needs and expectations.

We are also competent in the real estate promotion, developing turnkey projects, taking care of the construction execution and all the bureaucratic and technical processes, whether as promoters or service providers to other promoting entities.