Noblart Concept lies on a wide range of professional experiences and demands from our cooperators, assuring competence in the making of architecture and engineering projects, in any type of construction.

We guarantee the matching of all the technical specifications, as well as all the bureaucracy, such as the municipality licenses and the required technical opinions.

We always work having in mind our clients’ needs, requirements and “dreams”, in a permanent search for the most creative and sustainable solutions, helping our clients to have a better quality of life and well-being.

Our procedure and competence area is related to the following specialty and infrastructure projects:

Architecture and Engineering Projects for Housing, Commerce, Services and Industry;

Structural Restoration and Building Renovation Projects;

Specialty Projects:

  • • Structure and Foundation Projects;
  • • Gas Installation Projects;
  • • Water supply Projects;
  • • Drainage of domestic, industrial and rain wastewater Projects;
  • • Food and Electric Power Distribution Projects;
  • • Projects of Telecommunications Infrastructure in Buildings;
  • • Projects of Thermal and Sound proceeding;
  • • Projects of Fire Safety and Electromechanical Installations.

Design and Interior Decoration Projects;

3D Modeling Projects.