Author's Note

Saint Volume III.

"Asi que liberate de las preocupaciones, solo pesan las palomas..."

be careful what you wish for

​What most don’t really tell you is that business is business. Business runs on systems and formulas. As with any business, there are machines behind it. There are many whose purposes can range from powering the dream, keeping it alive and well, to the cultivation of systems created to convince one that it’s not a fantasy at all. Even machines where its only purpose is to discard what is no longer beneficial anymore. It isn’t a secret that things are too good to be true, but it would hurt many pockets to say anything.

It didn’t take long to find out why doves cried. There’s a sense of passing and a flow of loss that falls straight to the floor from the delicate cups they came from. When the things you can not get back are gone, what else could be done? As the wheel turns, there are ravens violently tearing at the remains of other animals fighting for their last breath. What else could be done when this is just another chapter in the book of Survival?