Author's Note

Saint Volume V.

"To forgive is not to forget but to be free."


In the last installment of SAINT, Volume V. constructs a stage of liberation, conveying the feeling of being free through using the same distinguishable characteristics that can be found in the rest of the series. Through the personal written anecdotes and self-centered, unorthodox imagery of singular portraits in the series, the themes and ideas discussed were externalized in each volume. Painted in a fair and optimistic tone, the last part of the series begins in a new emotional chapter.


Dog days 'til Paradiso

Dog Days Are Over and Paradiso both embody what Volume V.’s role in the series is. In these final moments, the tone of the remaining installments are similar to how the series started, but with a few more complexities picked up from the journey. The idea of optimism was not abandoned in any part of the series and is in fact pushed to the forefront throughout this volume. Dog Days Are Over is a reference to Ugo Rondinone’s 1998 work of the same name and Paradiso is a reference to the third and last installment of Dante Alighieri’s poem The Divine Comedy.

The former represents the idea and action of mastery in SAINT, meanwhile, Paradiso serves as a symbolic backdrop that references the favorable outcome seen in most stories.