Choosing The Best Anchor Chain For Your Boat or Cruiser

When thinking of what type of anchor chain to get, you'll have to consider a lot of factors. Like what type of boat or cruiser you'll use it on and if you'd like to utilize it with a windlass. If you have no idea which one to choose, worry no more! Listed below are some types of anchor chains which you can choose from. Written with them are their descriptions and some of their pros and cons.

These three types of Qingdao Anchor Chain are some of the most easily accessible and available in the market today.

1. BBB Anchor Chain

A BBB Chain (also referred to as a B3 Chain), utilizes, small, short links which enables it to get a grip of the anchor windlass drum in order to avoid a slippage when the anchor is being weighed. Before it actually fails, a BBB Chain is known to distort first. Know more at this website about anchor chain.

2. Proof-Coil Chain

Proof-Coil chains, also known as G3 (Grade 30) chains are identified as a chain with long and thin links. These kinds of chains are made out of low-grade steel and are known to easily rust unless they are washed down with some fresh water. Unfortunately, it's know to have links which are too long and uneven to be utilized with a windlass. Unlike the B3 Chain, a G3 Chain tends to snap before it fails.

3. High-Test Chain

A huge number of larger cruisers with all-chain rodes have a preference with high-test chains, which can also be referred to as HT chains or G4 (Grade 40) chains. These kinds of chains mates well to an anchor windlass and actually weighs less per foot compared to other types of chains.

Getting The Correct Chain Size

It is also very important that you match your boat's size to the size of the chain that you're getting. This is to ensure that the Qingdao Anchor Chain will be able to hold and function well.

For a boat size of 25', you'll need a B3 Chain of 3/16" or a G3 chain of 3/16". Meanwhile, for a boat size of 25' to about 30', you'll want a size of 1/4" for a B3 or 1/4" for a G3. For a boat size of 30' to 35', you'll want to look for a 5/16" for a B3 or a 5/16" for a G3 or a 1/4" for a G4. On the other hand, for a boat size of 35' to 45', you'll want to get your hands on a 3/8" for a B3, still a 3/8" for a G3 or a 5/16" for a G4. Lastly, for a boat size of 45' to 55', you'll want to find a B3 chain of 3/8", or a 3/8" of a B3, and still a 3/8" for a G4.

While you might find one that you'd need between these three, it would always be best to consult an expert before buying an anchor chain as you will practically be investing on you and your passenger's safety when on board. To know more, you can also always look up similar and related articles on the internet to get a better idea of what type you should be spending your money on.