How to Make the Best Choice for Custom Koozies

What item always goes along with cans and bottles at events be it with friends, family, or business clients? Custom kookiness are the answer to this because everyone wants to keep the drinks ice-cold as it saves a lot of money. Apart from this use, custom koozies are also a good way to promote a business in the corporate world. They do this by enabling businesses to have their website, phone number, store address, message, and company logo imprinted on the koozie. Done this way, customers will keep the koozie for upcoming beverage use. Furthermore, they will remember the company they received it from each time they use it. Koozies are better than business cards as cards will get lost, but a koozie will last longer. To get more info, click Custom koozies can be sent out to faithful customers if a business wants to brand a new product, or for door prize gifts, athletic games sponsoring, trade shows, and fundraising opportunities. It is possible to customize koozies and use them for special occasions such as Christmas parties, birthdays, reunions and graduations, baby and bridal showers and weddings. You can have them designed either with serious or funny quotes, imprint names of say the bride and groom on them if it is a wedding. You can also have them in various colors, or stripes, with pictures, graffiti or decorations such as gemstones or beads stuck on them. You can be creative with koozies. Koozies are produced from various materials like stainless steel, plain styrofoam, plastic, and neoprene. Their sizes average at 12 oz to 24oz, although they can fit even on bottles as tall as 40 oz. Wine bottles also have koozies. There are several styles for koozies such as the standard one solid piece, or the collapsible famous airy fold down which fits in purses and finally the ones which have a zipper and you can easily insert a bottle. Check it out! for more info.Custom koozies that you can make or design on your own are the best. The homemade koozies made using the simple materials that can be bought from a craft store or those in your home. By example, you can make a base coozie container using old clothing like stretchy socks or sweater sleeves. Thin or thick cotton is more materials that can be used and finally organic or suede cotton for a koozie container designed later using felt, feathers, and glitter. These decorations could be glued on the surface or obtained already stuck on the materials from the craft store. You can embroider a koozie or monogram using a sewing machine, or crocheted for that antique, professional look. So, regardless of if you want a professionally made koozie or one handcrafted koozie, you can be sure your drinks will be kept cold. Learn more from