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If you're looking for the best orthodontic services, consider this: crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth are common problems. These issues can affect your speech, eating habits, and overall appearance. An orthodontist can fix these problems, as well as correct facial anomalies. A free initial exam and consultation is offered at House of Orthodontics. Get in touch with them today. You'll be glad you did. While many people think of orthodontics as an investment for young children, new technology has made it possible for adults to benefit from this service. Learn more about orthodontics, visit here. There are many benefits to having your teeth straightened, including the appearance and function of your smile. Improper alignment can lead to decay and plaque, so getting them straightened early is important. Also, crooked teeth can make it difficult to brush properly, and overbites can be more vulnerable to accidental chipping.Learn more about orthodontics, go to website here. Early orthodontics, also called phase one, can be a great benefit for children. It can help develop the proper relationship between upper and lower jaws, and can prevent trauma or more complex orthodontic treatment later. It can even save your child's adult teeth from being extracted. In addition, early treatment can be relatively inexpensive, and can be done quickly. Early treatment can also result in more natural improvement, so don't delay treatment any longer than is necessary. Before getting your teeth straightened, you should find a dentist who offers orthodontic services. This specialty is a specialty in dental care, and requires additional schooling. Orthodontic training takes two years, and dentists are required to have a degree of a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). For young children with premature tooth loss, fixed space maintainers are an option. These retainers keep a space open until the permanent tooth appears. Adults, on the other hand, can consider aligners as an alternative to metal braces. Unlike braces, these devices are invisible and are virtually indistinguishable. They must be removed to brush and floss their teeth. They can also affect the appearance of the teeth, so they are often used for adults. Dr. Steven Ricci and his team are highly trained orthodontic experts. His team is eager to help you take care of your smile. They offer a wide range of orthodontic treatment methods, including dental braces and Invisalign(r) aligners. They also accept online appointments. You can book an appointment with them today to receive a killer smile. There is a convenient location in the New York City area to suit your needs. Most dental plans cover orthodontic services in some capacity. In some cases, these services are excluded from the coverage. However, some dental insurance plans will cover braces for eating. Some may also offer discounts to patients who use an orthodontist in their network. But, if you do not have dental insurance, it is best to check with your insurance provider to find out which dental plans cover this type of treatment. You will likely save money when you stay in-network with your insurance company. Take a look at this link for more information.