Signs of Low Testosterone Levels in Women

Testosterone is mostly known to be found in men but they are also present and very important in women. Although, in women, testosterone is produced in small amounts as compared to men. Testosterone is very vital in women for bone strength and even maintenance of muscle mass. There are many benefits of having normal levels of testosterone in women. Learn how to boost testosterone. That is why it is advisable that you take the necessary steps to boost your testosterone levels if you suspect they are low. The following are the signs to look out for to know if your testosterone levels are low. To begin with, a woman with low levels of testosterone will often experience fatigue and also exhaustion. Low levels of testosterone cause the energy levels in the female body to drop. Hence, you will find that you feel like your energy is drained off on most parts of the day. Most people assume that low energy levels are because of lack of enough sleep. On the contrary, you might sleep very well at night but still feel drained off of energy if your testosterone levels are low. Women with low testosterone levels mostly get exhausted easily when doing simple physical activities which are not even supposed to cause fatigue at all. You should also note that having trouble sleeping may also be a sign that you have low testosterone levels.

Another sign of low testosterone levels in women is a rapid increase in weight. When a woman has low levels of testosterone, they will experience loss of tissue in the muscles. This, therefore, gives room for the accommodation of body fat. Hence, the woman’s weight will suddenly start increasing. Although, a lot of women today tend to confuse this for the natural aging process. To get more info, visit Furthermore, the loss of muscle tissues and increase and body fat result in a change in muscle tone and the bone density is also affected. You will, therefore, find that the woman will have a hard time trying to get rid of the excess weight. Lastly, women with low testosterone levels are bound to experience mood swings and also some cases of depression. Testosterone hormone plays a very vital part of general mental health. When the testosterone levels are down, there are chances that one will feel demotivated on a general level, experience weird mood swings and also depression. Most of the times, people misdiagnose this and start using antidepressants. This may result in complications that are not even related to what the real problem is. If you are experiencing the above signs, you should first consider the possibility that you have low levels of testosterone. You should, therefore, go for a hormone therapy first. Learn more from