Inflatable Sports Equipment

Bubble soccer is one of those games that require no special skills as long as you can walk. Your hands are less critical as they encased in an inflatable bubble that covers your head, chest, waist, thighs and sometimes knees. It is in this condition while in the bubble you play the soccer ball got it name bubble soccer It has the root of the invention in Norway back in year two thousand and eleven (the year 2011). You can observe the information about inflatable sports equipment by following the link

Air Track Mat refers to a wide range of inflatable air products developed for the world of sports. They are commonly used for training, competing and having fun in various sports and entertainments activities. These activities are gymnastics, free running, trampoline parks, cheerleading, school sports, gyms and businesses which buys these products from manufacturers for reselling or renting them.

Air Tracks are manufactured in different forms thou can fall in four main categories Air. These are:

The First category is Air Track P2 which is a training mat approximately twenty centimeters thick and two meters wide. It is mainly used in gymnastics, gym, and cheerleading to name but a few. Pick out the most interesting info about inflatable sports equipment at

The Second category is Air Track P3 which measures thirty-three centimeter thick by two meters wide. It is a mat which can be used in different ways, thick and soft enough to support training and recreational activities.

The third category is called Air Floor which is a perfect training mat for a variety of sports such as gymnastics, gyms martial arts, cheerleading fitness, and physiotherapy. Air Floor measures approximately ten centimeters thick by two meters wide.

The fourth category of Air Track Mat is Air Trick. Air trick is very suitable for shows and demonstrations such as martial arts, gymnastics cheerleading, and free-running. The measurements of Air Trick are approximately twenty or thirty-three centimeters thick and four by four meters minimum. Learn more details about inflatable sports at

These Air Track Mats are further customized as well as categorized into different specials such as Air Track training set-home edition elements, Air Rolls, Air Jumpy, Air Box, Air Steps and Air Incline sets.

These Air Track Mats are universally usable by all ages at any level such as school kids, young talents, and professional athletes and even elderly.

There are needs and advantages for the use of inflatable Air Track Mat(s). These four chief merits highlights which are:

One benefit is that the user gets to have a lot of fun while perfecting their art,

The second advantage is that the user is exposed to less or even no injuries due to high-quality airtight products,
The third advantages are that it is a better kit for both recreational as well as professional athletes like free-runners,
Fourth last but not least advantage accruing from the use of Air Track Mats is that it provides the user with a conducive workout environment thus improving the general body health.