Reasons Why It Is Good To Read A Few Bible Verses A Day

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The answers to all kinds of questions that we ask ourselves in this life are all found in the Bible. Many refer to it as the book of life because after reading it you feel entirely different, you feel revived, alive again. The worries of today no longer affect you because you know there is nothing you can change by worrying. Digging into this book may come with great rewards like a positive mind. There is this fulfillment that comes with reading a verse a day. The bible is pure and contains no errors, whatever is written in this book of history cannot change. You will not wake up in the morning and find a new verse or chapter inserted.

Reading a verse a day from My Bible Verse of The Day helps you understand that it is not your will that you seek but God's will. Instead of dealing with you daily issues as per your knowledge, you look at things in God's way. Once that is done, you face things like temptations differently and in reference to the word. Whenever you feel weary, you know that the Bible tells you not to worry, it says fear not. There is a kind of assurance that you get, you tend to feel safe.

If you are suffering from an ailment, you can read about people who were healed and therefore, you can believe that you can get healed. Many people who read the Bible have come to understand the comfort and power that the word has, they have discovered that you can overcome obstacles with all boldness. Anytime you read the Bible, you feel as if you are talking to someone who already knows you, view here for more details.

The promises found in the bible make you feel hopeful if you were about to give up on yourself or in something that you had put so much effort in. If for instance, you do not own a Bible, you can find My Bible Verse of The Day where they normally post a daily verse, inspirational bible verse of the day, there is also a Bible lesson of the day. Such a tool is best for anyone yearning to know the word of God deeper and understand the bible better. Most people find it very hard to pick the Bible, peruse through the pages and read on. Reading the Bible daily is the best way to live a positive life. Watch this video at for more details about bible verse.