The past week has been nothing but amazing. Last Tuesday, Mr. Wysong gave us the green light to start contacting people to get research interviews. I am not going to lie but calling professionals is definitely scary. You have to say the right things in the right way or else it will be a total embarrassment. I remember doing around five practice calls with my friend before calling.Additionally, I did a power pose for two minutes so I won't be stiff and tensed while calling. Surprisingly enough, it helped me a lot. I was more free and confident with myself. It also helped me to think straight. With that said, I started with the phone calls and luckily one person answered. He was extremely nice to me and offered to do a research interview . At that moment, I realized, "this just got really real." I was so happy that I scheduled my first interview within the second call. In fact, tomorrow is the day that I am going to do my first research interview. I am definitely nervous but I am also very excited.I can't wait to learn more about astronomy and the steps to become a successful astronomer. But wait, there's more. One day after making my call and scheduling my first interview, I called someone that I only thought I would call in my dream. Yes, I called an astrobiologist at NASA. I still have to pinch myself because it was a dream come true when that person picked up the phone. She was so down to earth and offered me a research interview.If that wasn't enough, she also wanted to show me the lab where she worked in. I was in the library jumping up and down when she told me that. I could not believe that I had just gotten an interview with NASA. I am very excited to meet with her and I hope I don't do anything to mess up this great opportunity. With all that has happened last week, I would like to take the time to thank Mr. Wysong and this amazing program. Prior to this, I had no idea how I could become an astronomer but I think I do now. I feel like there has been a path set for me and all I have to do is follow it with integrity. I just stepped into reality and I am going to cherish every second of it.