As many of you may know, last week was the ISM Research Showcase. It was such a memorable event and I am definitely going to miss it next year. I could spend hours just telling you how amazing it was but I want to talk about something that is really close to my heart and is extremely important to everyone. We can all agree that our society and the entire world isn’t necessarily the most peaceful place and in everyone’s hearts there is fear. FEAR…think about this word for a minute. What are you most fearful of? Why are you so fearful of that certain thing? You see, fear is both bad and good for everyone. However, I don’t necessarily think that our world needs fear right now. It needs bravery and confidence to do the RIGHT THING. These days, it is so heartbreaking to turn on the news and witness such disgusting acts that are being committed by individuals all over the world. Most of us get angry and want to do something about it but we never do. Why? You might say that you are really busy but in actuality, it is fear that is dictating what you should and shouldn’t do. Don’t be enslaved by fear any longer. Instead, embrace it. Over the weekend, millions of men and women marched for women’s rights, LGBT rights, and human rights. The individuals didn’t fear what the powerful and elite leaders would do to them. They stood up and protested against the atrocities that are happening in our society. By letting go of that fear, they are sparking a fire of change. That action is what will make a big difference. So, don’t live in fear. If you do, you are degrading the quality of life. Embrace your fears and be yourself. That itself will make our world better.