I always hear people say that education is something that always stays with you. I feel like I understand that now. I have always seen knowledge through a high school perspective but last week I got to see it through professionals who use it on a day to day basis. Last Monday, I got to talk to a professor at Baylor University, through Skype. She was extremely nice and very experienced. She told me how life is in college and how I should prepare for it. I have heard all these college prep talks from many people but getting advice from a college professor is definitely different. They see students everyday coming and going into college lectures and etc. They see the great things they bring and also the things that are not so great. So, I felt extremely grateful that I got to talk to one of those people who sees these things. As you all can tell, the interview went really well. That same week, I had another interview with a professor at SMU. My research interview at SMU went amazing. The professor and I probably spent the first 30 minutes talking about dark matter and dark energy. These two topics are probably the things we know very little about in our universe. I constantly found myself in a state of shock on the things they had discovered. After this, I got some really great advice on how to be a strong women in the STEM Field because we tend to see less women in this industry compared to other professions.She talked about how things have changed since she was in college to the present day. She was so kind that she pulled out all the college course plans for the field that I was interested in. After that discussion, I felt like I was ready to go into the real world and explore my abilities and interests. The one and a half hours spent at SMU was really valuable to me. My research interviews were great but I also did really well at the ISM Business Symposium last Wednesday. I still remember the morning before I got to Independence. For some reason, I found myself shaking. I didn't know what to expect when I got there. I spilled hot coffee on myself. It was a fabulous way to start the day but at least I got all my nerves out. When the symposium started, I was just being me and I enjoyed it. I got to meet very great individuals.As you can tell, the past week has been very eventful but tomorrow is a big day for me. Tomorrow, I have my interview with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I am very excited and I truly believe my knowledge will always stay and grow with me.