Learning more about Mercury Retrograde and Horoscopes

Astronomers report that there are eight planets in the solar system. Also there is the sun and the moon. One such planet is the mercury. Note that mercury is the closest to the sun and is oval shaped. It is also the smallest among all the planets. Interestingly, planets have orbit and rotates the sun. Being closest to the sun, it is reported that mercury rotates the sun in 88 days. Notably, mercury has no atmosphere; this means the temperatures go up during the day and drop significantly during the night. Interestingly, mercury can be viewed from our planet earth. Many people don’t understand astrology and it gets more confusing when you hear people say mercury is about to retrograde. This makes people get more curious to learn about planet mercury than others.

Mercury retrograde is a term used to explain why planet mercury seems to be moving backwards. Mercury being closest to the sun, its orbit is shorter than the earth. In this regard, mercury speeds and passes planet earth. At some point, mercury slows down and planet earth move past it. . Note that this is when we experience mercury retrograde period. When viewing mercury from planet earth, you could say mercury is moving backwards but that is not the case. Note that mercury retrograde occur at least three or four times per year. Astronomers believe that there exists a relationship between planets orbit and humans here on earth. They believe that each planet governs certain activities. For example, mercury rules all forms of communication, contract agreement, computer codes among others. Other planets like planet Venus rules beauty. Note that there exists a relationship between mercury retrograde and a person’s horoscope. Find out more at this site.

It is believed that when planet mercury tends to move backwards, a person’s horoscope may be affected. Many people read their horoscope star to determine what decision to make in terms of relationship or personal affairs. A good example for people born in leo; it is believed that during mercury retrograde, people born in leo feel less sure about themselves. Likewise, those born in Taurus may find their priorities shifting while those born in scorpio may find themselves experiencing delays and miscommunication. With this in mind, it is therefore very important to have the knowledge of when the next mercury retrograde is happening. Note that knowing when next retrograde will happen will significantly help you determine when to make important decisions and what activities to avoid. To know more, click here.

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