Modle united nations

project Description:

In this project, each student was assigned a specific country to represent for the United Nations. I was assigned to Brazil as my country for this project. After we spent some time learning about our country's economy, government, presidents, and culture. We were ready to take on a topic to place our country's opinion. The Venezuelan Refugee Crisis was our topic

Molly Bachman


Lori Fisher


Project Reflection

Being able to participate in a Model UN conference has given me a better understanding of real world situations. Having this opportunity makes me more curious about the UN revolving topics other than the venezuelan refugee crisis. I believe I am very interested through the process of this entire unit. I have tried to be empathetic towards brazil based off of my research. Before I was only invested in my own thoughts and morals. I also have never been more aware of how I live my life. I am a very privileged child who has food, shelter, water, education etc. Most people living in venezuela dont have a home. And I do. I also have a family that loves me. This topic and project has made me want to help the people who are suffering. But it makes me extremely thankful.

I have learned a lot throughout this project. Not only about the topic I was studying but also learning how to navigate my work. A large amount of work. I have personally grown into a more mature student revolving my effort I have put into this project. I have learned to communicate to my peers. I also was able to notice a different perspective and watch people's opinions through Brazil's eyes compared to my own eyes. I believe I was strong in my opinion and standing up for brazil. But I also think I was confused at some specific points throughout the meeting.

Having the ability to have practiced a different meeting that was based on a less important topic then the venezuelan refugee crisis gave me a good idea on what to expect during the official conference. When we practiced our first conference I was extremely confused but then slowly caught on. I appreciate the pre run for the conference because I was able to physically learn it. I grew a better understanding with this experience because I had to figure out the curriculum and compare it to a regular UN conference. Once I knew how to state my opinions I began to enjoy participating and sharing my own opinions.

If I were to change something from the first UN meeting to use in the second meeting we will be participating in january then I would gather more background information so I have more evidence to support my country. I would also change the fact about how I approached the meeting, for example I would relate my speech to others more than just my own country and I would also start to resolve the problem sooner into the conference. I also now know what to expect completely for the next meeting which prepares me and makes me more confident for future conferences.