(selection of) Lectures & Talks


Masterclass screenwriting & story coaching / LUCA School of Arts

Every fall semester, I lecture screenwriting and mentor master students on the screenplays for their practical master's thesis at the film school LUCA School of Arts. (Since 2020)

Several literary research classes / Wisper (part-time art education institute for adults)

In Writing on and with the body the students and I examine as a group the way writing has bodily influences and how to body influences our writing. (since 2020)

In Writing social criticism we work to discover the complex intertwinements of our own writing practice with explicit or implicit references of the time and culture we're in and which social effects our decisions as writers have for readers, the text and society. We also talk about pressing issues surrounding representation, ideology and subjectivity. (since 2020)

In Between real and made up our research focus is the soft border between fiction and facts, between the (auto)biographical and phantasy. (since 2019) I gave two interviews about this new class. Read here and here, both in Dutch.

Screenwriting I + II & creative writing/ Wisper

I lecture writing and mentor screenwriting classes every semester. (Since 2015) Read my Wisper teacher interview here in Dutch .


June / Lecture on femininity in The Virgin Suicides (film, 1999) for the Women in Psychoanalysis and Culture: Desire, Fantasy, and Textuality series at Stillpoint Spaces London


December / Paper presentation "Another Kind of (Social) Distancing: The Life Writing Process and Literary Devices as Distancing Technique and its Therapeutic Value" at the academic conference Teaching Life Writing: a conference on nonfiction and pedagogy at University of Alberta, Canada

December / Lecture on the real presence of the filmmaker in Grey Gardens (film, 1975) at Kunsthal Gent for the FilmAtelier-program

September / Lecture "On presences: ghosts and loss in film" at Intercarteldag Gezelschap voor Psychoanalyse en Psychotherapie

July / Lecture series "A story like a house" on structuring in prose writing for Wisper

February / Workshop in filmmaking and coaching teenagers with immigration roots in writing and filming their own short film. Participatory film project by BAZZZ Antwerp.


December / Guest lecture in storytelling and writing non-fiction to bachelor students Graphic Design of LUCA School of Arts

November / Lecture on female identification and mirrors in Agnès Varda's Cléo de 5 à 7 (film, 1962) for the FilmAtelier-program

November / Introduction Jeanne Dielman, 23, Quai du Commerce 1080 Bruxelles (film, 1975) as part of the Ciné RIO+Croxapox collaboration 'The Third Landscape' at De Koer Ghent. I talked about the theme of subversivity.

November / Introduction A Ghost Story (film, 2017) as part of the Ciné RIO Afterlife film series at De Koer Ghent. I talked about the themes of time and mourning.

October / Introduction Blind Vaysha (film, 2016) and Das Cabinet Des Dr. Caligari (film, 1920) as part of RITCS Cinema's Classics series and Kortfilm.be's series on classics+shorts. I talked about the influence of German expressionism on indie animation films.

October / Lecture on sex and cinema after which the audience watched the screening of a selection of five short films that illustrated my talk. This was part of a philosophical festival on sexual freedom, called Antagonistisch Festival, organised by the philosophical organisation, 't Zal Wel Gaan at KASK Ghent.

October / Lecture series on storytelling in the new medium of fictional podcasts compared to classical storytelling.

June / Lecture "Photography & psychoanalysis" at Intercarteldag Gezelschap voor Psychoanalyse en Psychotherapie

January / Coaching youngsters with immigration roots in writing and filming for short films. Resulting work has been shown at local filmfestivals, such as Ciné Privé. Participatory film project by Masala vzw Ghent.


December / Introduction Strangers on a Train (film, 1951) for Kinoautomat at KASK Cinema. I talked about the adaptation strategies used from Patricia Highsmith's novel to the film.

November / Coaching tweens with immigration roots in writing and filming for their own documentaries. Participatory film project by Masala vzw Ghent


October / Key note speech on digital storytelling during OJOO's Mobile Storytelling Day 2016